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 Taormina, Italy April 10 - 12 2003
 President: Michele M. Gulizia , MD, FACA

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The undersigned Dr. Michele Massimo Gulizia, son of Raffaele Gulizia and Concetta Parisi, born at Catania, Italy on May 28, 1960, and resident at 7 Viale Giuseppe Lainò:


- Obtained a scientific senior school diploma in July 1978 with a mark of 54/60.
- Started attendance at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Catania University in November 1978.

- Attended intensively, as a resident student, the Institute of Microbiology of Catania University, director Prof. G. Nicoletti, from January 1979 to December 1980, also taking part in full-time scientific research

- Attended intensively, as a resident student, the Institute of Medical Pathology 3™ of Catania University, director Pro. P. Polosa, from March 1982 to August 1983, where he was engaged in ward service and full-time research.

- Was a resident student at the Cardiology Service and the Centre for Hypertension and Prevention of Cardiovascular Illness of the "S. Currù e S. Luigi Gonzaga" Unified Hospital, Local Health Company no. 34 of Catania, where he worked full-time mainly in echocardiography, ergometrics, dynamic ECG and polygraphy, as well as working in clinical cardiology and arterial hypertension therapy, from September 1, 1983 to July 4, 1984.
- Continued from July 5, 1984 to May 1, 1988 with the qualification of resident (date of appointment as permanent medical assistant - see below).

- Was awarded a degree in Medicine and Surgery at Catania University on July 5, 1984 with a mark of 110/110, nominated for the Francacaviglia Award with entitlement of publication of degree thesis

- After degree obtained licence for professional practice in State Examinations of 1984, with mark of 180/200

- Member of the Order of Doctors, Surgeons and Dentists of the Province of Catania since February 2, 1985

- Passed admission examinations for 1st year of Cardiology Specialization School of Catania University in December 1984.

- Obtained diploma as Cardiology Specialist from Catania University on November 25, 1988, with mark of 50/50 cum laude

- Obtained diploma as Sport Medicine Specialist from Catania University on October 23, 1992, with mark of 50/50

- From March 1 to July 6, 1985 regularly attended the three-month specialization course in mono-bidimensional echocardiography organized by the Cardiology Division and Service, director Prof. G. Mattioli, of Modena University, obtaining the final diploma, also working at the laboratories of invasive and non-invasive cardiological diagnostics and the intensive coronary therapy unit as a resident

- In the same period became a specialist in angiology by passing the final examinations of the three-month course organized by the Specialization School for Angiology and Vascular Surgery, director Prof. Tuscano, of Modena University

- Worked as resident in wards and clinics of the Hypertension Group of the 1st Medical Clinic™, director Prof. A. Salvetti, of Pisa University, from February 2 to 18, 1987, and from April 1 to 18, 1989

- As first classified in the Public Examinations List, was appointed permanent medical assistant for cardiology at the Cardiology Service and Hypertension and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Centre of the "S. Currù e S. Luigi Gonzaga" Unified Hospital, Local Health Company no. 34 of Catania , from May 1, 1988 to April 20, 1994

- From April 21, 1994 to October 30, 1995 was cardiology medical assistant with hospital responsibility (qualification revised by Law Decrees 502/92 and 517/93 as Medical Director of 1st level, category A) at the Cardiology Service as above, having passed public examinations for first appointment as cardiology assistant at aforesaid Service.

- From October 31, 1995 to January 31, 2001 was cardiology medical director of 1st level at the Cardiology Service with Intensive Coronary Therapy Unit of the "Giuseppe Garibaldi" Hospital of the High-Specialization National Hospital of Catania, following appropriate classification in internal transfer list by qualifications

- Since February 1, 2001 has been director of complex structure (former level 2 director) of the Cardiology Operative Unit of the "S. Currò e S. Luigi Gonzaga" Unified Hospital


- Visiting cardiologist from August 1989 to January 10, 2000 for District Prisons of Catania (Piazza Lanza) and Bicocca (Province of Catania) by contractual agreement with the Director General of Penal Institutes of the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- On October 1, 199 was awarded a study grant for four months by the ANMCO National Association of Hospital Cardiologists, for a "SPECIALIZATION COURSE IN DOPPLER COLOR FLOW ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY", to be followed at Cardiology Division A of the S. Camillo Hospital, Rome (Director Prof. P.L. Prati). In this period, in addition to specializing in the cardiac echocolor-doppler, also studied aspects of the functional evaluation of cardiopathics, in particular in the acute and post-acute phase of myocardial infarct, carrying forward an intense activity of the compromised myocardium and performing numerous tests of pharmacological induction of cardiac ischemia (dipyridamole, dobutamine, etc) and working in particular in the wards of the Coronary Unit (director Dr. Alessandro Boccanelli)

- From December 28, 1988 to January 1995 was entrusted with the directorship of the Cardiology Service and Hypertension and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Centre of the "S. Currù e S. Luigi Gonzaga" Unified Hospital, former Local Health Company no. 34 of Catania, now the "Garibaldi" Hospital Company, thereby applying the professional experience acquired at Italian and European centres to the increase of external services rendered (around 12,000 per patients/year), the diffusion of awareness of the centre to users of the province and region, and enhancing the centre's activity in the study and treatment of arterial hypertension, in the application of prevention in schools and in the study of coronary risk factors with particular respect to hypercholesteremia

- Since October 1995, working at the Cardiology Division with Intensive Coronary Therapy Unit of the "Garibaldi" Hospital, has perfected operating techniques for implants of pacemakers and antitachycardia/cardiac defibrillator devices, performing over 250 operations. Attached are operation records for the last 5 years (from December 4, 1995) signed by Division Director Dr. S. Mangiameli and by the Healthcare Manager of the "Garibaldi" Hospital

- In the same period, Gulizia has worked mainly on Cardiac Incompensation, increasing diagnostic and therapeutic activities (also electrical) for this pathology, and receiving an appointment as Director for Cardiac Incompensation following Decision no. 471 dated September 15, 1999 of the Special Commission of the "G. Garibaldi" Hospital Company of Catania (Attachment APPOINTMENTS WITH MANAGERIAL RESPONSIBILITY nos. 2 and 3). Was one of the first at world-wide level to perform tri-chamber pacemaker implants (with stimulation also of left ventricle via a coronary vein) in patients of this type.

- In October 1999 attended two training courses at major US university hospitals: BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, Houston (Texas) and NEW YORK HOSPITAL - CORNELL UNIVERSITY, New York


- As resident student of the Institute of Medical Pathology 3™ of Catania University and later of the Cardiology Service and the Centre for Hypertension and Prevention of Cardiovascular Illness, Local Health Company no. 34 of Catania, worked intensively in wards (from May 2, 1988 as Permanent Cardiology Assistant and from April 21, 1994 to October 30, 1995 as cardiology medical assistant with joint hospital responsibility of the Cardiology Service and Arterial Hypertension Centre of the "S. Currù e S. Luigi Gonzaga" Unified Hospital, and then since October 31, 1995 at the Cardiology Division with Intensive Coronary Therapy Unit of the "Garibaldi" Hospital) working on ergometrics, dynamic ECG and polygraphy, and mainly on mono-bidimensional and color echocardiography, and cardiac pacemakers, and also engaging in clinical cardiological service and assistance in the Intensive Coronary Therapy Unit.

- Published experimental degree thesis as a supplement to international medical journal "Clinica Europea", no. 2, March-April 1984.

- Substitute for general practitioner with over 100 patients from May 8 to 21, 1986

- Doctor for Catania Diving School (registered trademark), carrying forward an intense activity of instruction and emergency medical assistance, with regard in particular to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, serving as "Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instructor" from June 1987

- While serving as doctor for Catania Diving School, was medical director for two Women's World Records for Deep Diving with air-breathing apparatus, obtaining Italian and international acknowledgements from specialized press and presenting the scientific data obtained at national and international conferences

- Teacher at the "A. De Maria" Professional Nursing School of Local Health Company no. 34 of Catania from 1986 to 1989

- In December 1985 took part in the Italian Group for Echocardiographic Study of Cardiopathic Ischemia, coordinated by Prof. Zardini, assisting in the compilation of a National Standardization Protocol for mono-bidimensional echocardiograhy reports.




- Member since 1988 of the AIC ITALIAN CARDIOSTIMULATION ASSOCIATION, since December 1998 the AIAC ITALIAN ASSOCIATION OF ARRHYTHMOLOGY AND CARDIOSTIMULATION, and elected as member of the National Executive on December 4, 1998.
- Appointed and elected since April 28, 2000 as National Director of Italian Regional Delegates for the same association.

- Member since March 6, 1998 of the Incompensation Group of the ANMCO.


- Member of Editorial Committee of the "GIORNALE ITALIANO DI ARITMOLOGIA E CARDIOSTIMOLAZIONE", published by Centro Scientifico Torinese Editore with responsibility for the "STUDY PROTOCOLS" section.

- Invited since February 24, 1993 to participate in the International Scientific Council of the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF ANGIOLOGY, taking part with the qualification of FACA Fellow (Roslyn, New York)

- Since February 2002, INSTRUCTOR FOR BLS EARLY DEFIBRILLATION (in compliance with European Resuscitation Council guidelines)

- As hospital doctor has attended over 56 cardiology training courses, most lasting over three months and with final examinations

- As speaker has presented over 90 papers at regional, national and international conferences and professional medical training courses, and has attended over 140 national and international conferences, often presenting abstracts

- In academic year 2001/2002 was invited to present a series of supplementary lessons for the 1st year of the Cardiology Specialization School of Catania University, lecturing on non-invasive diagnostic techniques: "ERGOMETRICS AND DYNAMIC ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY"

- Since 1985 has been an Investigator or Co-Experimenter for clinical applications in the development of drugs, phases, 2, 3 and 4, following over 40 experimental study protocols in hospitals and clinics, of national and international interest, both multicentre projects and otherwise, most of which under the control of the American FDA Food & Drug Administration, taking an active part in the development of new molecules and of new therapeutic applications of modern drugs for the treatment of cardiac ischemia, arterial hypertension, arrhythmias and cardiac incompensation, and also in the study of the metabolic alterations associated with these

- Has attended 10 training courses and/or study grant courses at national and international hospital and university centres

- Has received numerous letters of national and international acknowledgement for professional activities and the interest demonstrated in cardiology

- Holder of 3 International Memberships


- Over 164 scientific publications

- Excellent spoken and written English/American, as demonstrated by numerous papers delivered by invitation at international conferences and by articles published in English in international journals.

The following personal contact data are herewith attached:

Private address: Viale Giuseppe Lainò, 7 - Catania 95126 - Italy
Home telephone 095-493933 (evenings)
Fax: 095-7120662
Hospital telephone: 095-7594728 direct - 095-7594729 (secretary)
Fax: 095-506773
Mobile: 338-4856286
Hospital address: Unità Operativa di Cardiologia
Ospedale "S. Luigi-S. Currò"
Viale A. Fleming, 24 - 95100 Catania - Italy

Catania, January 31, 2002

Signed: Dr. Michele Massimo Gulizia

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